Why is the price history blurred?

Property Log has been a labour of love for the last 4+ years. I run it in my spare time for no financial gain and spend a huge amount of time maintaining it and trying to keep it’s users happy.

The tool was partially funded by donations but they weren't covering the cost of the servers. Very few people actually donated (roughly 1 in every 2000 users) and it was usually the same, kind people every month. I’d like to say a massive thank you to those who previously donated, you’re all awesome.

Ultimately, I could no longer afford to keep paying the difference. I am working for free (which I am happy to do) but was also spending what little money I have keeping the extension going and Property Log isn’t cheap to run!

Property Log is still free to use up to a certain point, only when a user reaches a certain level of usage will they have the price history blurred, you’re probably on this page right now because you’ve reached that level.

If you’re still reading then I hope you understand why I’ve had to do this and I also hope that you will continue to use the extension.

Property Log has been proven to save buyers £10,000's when purchasing and £100's when renting a property.

How to remove the blurred prices

Simply click the Subscribe button in the price history widget on Rightmove and follow the steps, it's just £2.99 per month and you can cancel at any time.

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