Frequently Asked Questions

Why are some prices blurred?
This happens when your usage reaches a certain level, for more information please read the following page: Why is the price history blurred?

How do I remove the blurred prices?
Click the subscribe button under the blurred prices in the price history widget and follow the steps. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Why are some price history rows yellow?
This indicates a price that has either been found or has changed since midnight yesterday.

Can I use Property Log on a mobile or tablet?
Unfortunately not, Google Chrome Extensions only work on desktop/laptop browsers.

Can my subscription be used across multiple computers?
Yes! You will need to be either logged into Google Chrome and be syncing data between machines or we can link your subscription to another computer for you. Please contact us to do the latter.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Go to the Cancel Subscription page which can be located in the navigation bar or by clicking here.

I have problems cancelling my subscription, can you help?
Send us a message on the contact page and we'll help you.

I need to update my payment details, how do I do this?
Send us a message on the contact page and we'll send you a link (unique to you) where you can do this.

Will reinstalling the extension get around the blurred price history?
No. If you're seeing the blurred prices and wish to continue using the extension then we recommend subscribing.

Will removing the extension automatically cancel my subscription?
No, you will need to visit the Cancel Subscription page on this website.

How do I remove the extension?
There are a couple of ways to do this. Either go to your extensions list via the extensions url (chrome://extensions), find Property Log and click 'Remove' or right click on the Property Log house icon top right of your browser and select 'Remove from Chrome'. Please note, if you have an active paid subscription with us you will need to cancel your subscription, removing the extension will not cancel your subscription.

Can I get invoices for my Property Log subscription?
Yes, please contact us via the contact page and we can sort this for you including sending you old ones and any future ones.

Is there going to be a version for Mozilla Firefox and Edge?
Yes, they are in development but aren't quite ready yet. Once ready we'll announce it on this website.

I've found a bug or have a suggestion for improving the extension, who do I contact?
Contact us here.